>Red Fife Graham Cracker, Sinful

>As noted in Wikapedia: “The graham cracker (pronounced /ˈɡræm/ or /ˈɡreɪm/ or /ˈɡreɪ.əm/) was developed in 1829 in Bound Brook, New Jersey, by Presbyterian minister Rev. Sylvester Graham. Though called a cracker, it is sweet rather than salty and so bears some resemblance to a cookie—digestive biscuits are the closest approximation. The true graham cracker […]

>Impulse Buy of the Week: Evelyn’s Crackers Spicy Dal Spelt Sticks

>(posted by Shelf Life, a monthly addition to the Canadian National Post Newspaper) Lately Shelf Life has been on a hummus kick. This is a very good thing, not least because our newfound love of the chickpea has helped us bond with our vegan friends. Now we can bring something else to the vegan party […]

>Dawn’s The Baker…And So Much More

>Dawn had a wonderful mention in the Woman’s Culinary Network’s newsletter this past February written by Naomi Duguid: “Dawnthebaker” is Dawn Woodward’s hotmail account name, and that is how I often think of her, kneading a dough, shaping a cracker, slashing a baguette, setting and inventive and delicious tart out on a plate for a […]

>More than a Cracker…

>;Well, we can’t seem to leave the local grains well enough alone. Red Fife short bread cookies just came out of the oven and taste like warm pie crust, buttery and sweet. Also, some cornmeal biscotti with almonds are in the final bake of the twice baked cookie. Dawn wasn’t pleased with how the biscotti […]

>Evelyn’s Crackers at Scheffler’s in St. Lawrence

>;We are happy to announce Evelyn’s Crackers is now available at Scheffler’s Deli and Cheese and St Lawrence Market’s south building. An upscale family run business specializing in many wonderful imported cheeses, meats, olives, oils, etc. I did a demo of the crackers there this weekend and many people were happy to sample a product […]