>Canadian Sweet Treats: Food Experts Debate the Classics

>Evelyn’s Crackers’ very own Dawn Woodward is on a food panel at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) on December 13th posted on Akimbo.ca focused on distinctly Canadian desserts: Did you know that the butter tart is practically a Canadian culinary icon? But what about carrot pudding, fruitcake, and various types of squares? All of these […]

>More than a Cracker…

>;Well, we can’t seem to leave the local grains well enough alone. Red Fife short bread cookies just came out of the oven and taste like warm pie crust, buttery and sweet. Also, some cornmeal biscotti with almonds are in the final bake of the twice baked cookie. Dawn wasn’t pleased with how the biscotti […]

>The Lamb That Got Away (Almost)

>;Of the innumerable number of dinner parties that happen throughout the city, I took part in a remarkable one. A dozen people were brought together this particular evening to share in the bounty of local food in a newly renovated kitchen. Prior to the renovation, one could easily tell the young couple hosting the dinner […]