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  1. A friend of mine got me some of your products while I was visiting Toronto earlier this month, and am wondering if you do mail orders and whether you will ship to the U.S. Thanks.


  2. love the cheddar crackers – I ate the whole package.
    Also love the Maple Granola. My daughter was visiting from Australia and loved it too. Too bad the packaging does not allow her to take it back.
    We purchased ours st the Brickworks and was pleased to see that it is available at McEwan’s which is closer to home.

    Gloria Lockyer
    September 19th


  3. Edmund, picked up a package of the lavender shortbread on Saturday at Wychwood Barns market. Loved them! The red fife and the lavender belong together with nutty sweet notes. Can hardly wait to try the Rose Cardamom shortbread. I hope Evelyn continued to enjoy her carrot whistle long after the market closed.


  4. We love all your crackers (first picked up at the Wychwood Barns Market), and gladly now at discovered at La Fromagerie, but the Saw-bucks are out-of-control earthy delicious. FYI, if you sandwich a little chocolate hazelnut spread between two, you will die and go to heaven!


    1. PS – Will the Salty Oats ever be re-resurrected? Or are they available now? I bet they are as good as I think they are going to be.


      1. The Salty Oat has been resurrected in the form of an Oatcake. And it is better than the original!! Currently available at our two Saturday markets and in select stores. It will show up in more locations in the weeks to come. Thanks again. E


  5. Hi there thanx a lot for creating such a healthy and equally delicious product, which i’m now hooked on after recently discovering all in big carrot on danforth. Meanwhile, I truly hope you can go on to, also, make breads, as i strongly believe you could bake the best breads in toronto rivaling paris bakeries and torontonians definitely need some quality and healthy baked loafs.


    1. Gabriel,

      Thx so much for the comment. We are grateful you took the time.

      We too love a great artisan loaf.

      The crackers have been a great creative outlet in ways that can be difficult with bread. And with a bakery you need to supply certain staples. With the crackers it seems like like grain combinations are endless.

      Can’t say if we will go back to our bread baking roots. But something to keep in mind for sure.

      Thx again,



  6. Where can we find these crackers in the Barrie area……love the cheese crackers our fav 🙂 Met both you at a food festival in Toronto a year ago.


  7. Can your products be sold/shipped to the US? Would love to try them and support my cousins business.


  8. I tried the Cheddar Crispies for the first time, I am in love. NOT sharing these with anyone, sorry not sorry.


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